Monday, October 14, 2019

union grievance

There were no discussions and it led nowhere."The situation seems inexplicable when the ACC's own responsiveness report[2] states Mori have greater need but receive less ACC services."Whnau are not getting a choice they have no idea that Mori providers like Te Khao Health can look after them, that there is an option to be cared for in their homes as whnau, by an organisation that understands them and tikanga Mori. We know if this happened there would be an improved uptake of the service and a reduction in disparity.""Te Khao Health is one of two Mori providers of ACC home support in the Waikato and Moxon believes that Te Khao Health's 6 to 10 home support clients are most or all of the Mori ACC clients who are receiving the option of home care from a Mori provider in the whole region.Stage Two will start with a Judicial Conference before over 50 legal counsel and claimants to determine how the hearing will proceed.Te Khao Health is represented by Ms Roimata Smail BA LLB Director of Smail Legal Limited.[1] ACC services include home support to people who have had a personal injury. 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